Words... They're golrious things

August 21, 2017

My name is Nicci Murtagh and I have recently had a baby girl much earlier than anticipated at 27 weeks, 4 weeks ago. I’m writing to tell my story as although it’s been a scary time, and that delivery day was unexpected and confronting, I have to thank Dani for helping me to make what could have been a horrendous outcome, a much more positive and successful one, due to what I had picked up in Prenatal Yoga classes with her. She’s not going to accept any responsibility, but I’m going to try to force her to, or at the very least encourage others to participate in her classes so that they too may benefit from the myriad of skills that her classes offer mums to be.

First, a disclaimer: Obviously everyone is different and I don’t mean to share my story...

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