The Love Bump Collective

Positive affirmation cards to support the mind, body and soul through pregancy and labour

Created by Jessica Love


"The power of the mind is something that should not be underestimated. I strongly believe that our thoughts and energy create our reality, whihc is why when I became pregnant, I would use daily affirmations to create my own 'reality' of pregnancy and labour.


I wanted my baby to know how much I loved it already, i wanted my baby to know that it was safe and wanted my body to know how grateful I was for this ecperience to grow a tiny human and bring it into the worlf with the utmost grace, ease and love I could. To create a beautiful experience for my baby, my husband and I.


I hope these affirmations can bring as much light, ease and love into your experience of pregnancy and labour, as it did mine.


Let go of the fear that society places upon giving birth and invite yourself to experience this journey from a place of love."


Words by Jessica Love - you can find her on instagram @jessmlove

Love Bump Collective Affirmation Cards - by Jessica Love


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