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Peri Oil // Perineum preparation

The peri oil is perfect for perineal massage to assist in preparing the birth tissues for childbirth and help avoid tearing during delivery. Practicing massage with this oil, can be incorporated into your preparations for baby from 34 weeks of pregnancy.

For about 30 seconds; massage the thin skin on the lower rim of the vagina with the index finger and thumb. It will become thicker and less sensitive. Massage the perineum with circular motions for another 30 seconds. If it applies, concentrate the massage on the scare of any previous episiotomies as this tissue will be less elastic. Relax the muscles of the face, the mouth and the legs while practicing these massages. As much as possible try to keep the bum, thighs and hips relaxed while using deep belly breathing. This massage oil contains the essential oils of: Geranium, Also includes evening primrose oil


Peri Mist // Soothing & healing mist

The peri mist is a soothing and healing mist for the perineum after birth, providing relief from perineal discomfort during the postpartum period. Now that your babe is here, allow your body to focus on recovery and repair. Spray onto the tender areas frequently, the cooling soothing spray will help support the healing process. Once you are ready to use post baby, keeping the mist refrigerated will help enhance the aloe vera cooling properties.

This mist contains the essential oils of: Frankincense, Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium. Also contains Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

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